Welcome to our virtual traveler

Our traveler application allows the clients to see various ends of the earth via links to You Tube videos. Titles were carefully selected from unsorted amount of recorded videos on You Tube. HD titles of high quality have been sorted according to continents, countries and regions so that the most detailed video encyclopedia of all the world could be created.

Regions are created on consistent geographic base with each center around a big or well known town. We apologize to residents but administrative structure would not be comprehensible enough to virtual traveler from all over the world.

Virtual travelers can travel all the world at their home comfort which would be otherwise impossible from various reasons - time, money, health or safety. Even TV programs for travelers can not offer this service as they are too time consuming. We selected short but enough illustrative videos as it is typical for encyclopedia.

Viewing on big screen HD television is necessary for as realistic virtual travelling impression as possible.

Retiree from Czech Republic has been preparing this entire video encyclopedia title selection everyday for 4 years, and now he is co-operating with a web developer to start up this application on internet.

We would be pleased if you would help us with the expansion and improvement of our videoencyklopedie.

This traveler application is intended for individual clients viewing.

Some videos will not play until the second attempt.